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MindFlow, Service Design & Co-Design for collective intelligence based stress management

Mindflow provides insights on the impact of work stress on your departments during the workdays. This empowers you to analyse & optimize your organizations workflow & maintain a healthier workforce.

Our co-creative experts can support your organization to co-create a healthier workforce from the bottom-up via collective intelligence & engaging experiences.

MindFlow empowers employees to increase their work performance & keep them healthy by giving insights in their daily stressors & providing tools to manage stress themselves.

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Co-designing a Collective Intelligence-based disaster warning system

De Heren van Design are involved in designing a collective intelligence-based disaster warning system for Thailand, Japan and France during the upcoming year using Co-Design and Service Design methodologies.
Updates of our design explorations on this project will follow.

WdW Review, co-creative platform of Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

WdW Review is an online platform organized around several international Desks; a series of framed debates; critical essays and speculative image readings. Launched and published by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, WdW Review aims to establish itself as a premier forum of intelligent and multi-disciplinary discussion on the humanities, and their role at-large, so as to find not a new, but a greater politics.

WdW Review’s App allows you to read the articles of WdW Review, co-creatively store your thoughts within the context of the readings through Annotations and save your favorite articles for offline reading.

The WdW Review platform (website, cms and apps) has been developed by De Heren van Design together with graphic designer Remco van Bladel. This project has received support from Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

Service Design & 3D printing for G3 Festivals

G3 Festivals is a leading organization for providing fully customized accommodations for large outdoor (music) festivals, such as Tomorrowland. De Heren van Design (DHvD) have analyzed their current workflow through customer journey mapping and service blueprinting and created proposals for optimizing and creating new touchpoints.

One of our first explorations in optimizing the customer journey is transforming the presentation material of G3 Festivals into several 3D prints of the accommodations. The visual presentation material had shown some limitations in communicating the accommodation concepts to prospects. By adding 3D prints to the communication, the user experience of the prospects is enhanced by conveying the concept of G3 Festivals on a tactile level.
The 3D models and the 3D prints have been created by DHvD.

More explorations for enhancing the touchpoints of G3 Festivals will follow.

Skill2Share, exploring Co-Design approaches for empowering online/offline communities

Skills2Share is an online ecosystem that empowers people to collaborate, allocate and share skills locally & nationally.

The platform aims at increasing the business opportunities of micro-enterprises and freelancers, leveling up their skills, enhancing the knowledge exchange between them.

Skill2Share is designed as a social platform that enables users to share skills and let us them interact in an environment specifically created for them.

Service Design facilitation for Philips Innovations

This project has been facilitated together with professor Dirk Snelders and dr. Mariëlle Meuffels from Eindhoven University of Technology department of Industrial Design.

Venice Biennale Ideological Guide 2013

The project Venice Biennale Ideological Guide 2013 from Jonas Staal offers critical reflections by prominent artists, curators, theoreticians, politicians, and scientists that will help explore the ideological framework of each of the national pavilions present at the Venice Biennial: additional data provided by the guide will give further insight in the political background, selection procedure and financing of each of the exhibitions on display.


This project is about developing a free guide for the 2013th edition of the Venice Biennale. Analysis has been conducted for developing an approach that would limit the bandwidth usage of international visitors at the Biennale and maximize the interactive capabilities. A version for Android has been developed. The Ideological Guide contains an interactive offline map and provides visitors of the Biennale insight in the ideological infrastructure of the biennale and walking routes to the pavilions. The offline map allows visitors to discover pavilions during the Biennale that would often have been overlooked.
This is a project from Jonas Staal and it has been developed in collaboration with graphic designer Remco van Bladel, Interaction designers Thomas Boland, Doeke Wartena and Roel Oortgiesen and developer Matijs Eijkemans.

Healthcare Boardgame

Involve, Empower, Excite & Learn

Communicating a company’s new Vision through Play

Co-Designed engaging experience for Healthcare sector

Middle management from an elderly health care provider wanted to optimize its staff.
Collaboration between different departments can be stimulated by creating a fun, empowering & learning experience for the staff.

Developed together with Diede Gulpers and Matijs Eijkemans from Sobitat and Martijn Geelhoed for elderly care organization Vitalis.

Service Design for Schiphol 2025

For the Schiphol group, De Heren van Design (DHvD) were involved as part of the research group on the development of the trend report The New Terminal Bliss by trend research agency Out Of Office. This trend report seeks to inspire ideas and stimulate action to prepare you for the changes taking place within the context of the airport over the next twelve years.

Within this project, service design research has been conducted by DHvD for analyzing the current touchpoints and user experiences within Schiphol airport and enhancing the airport experience for the passengers of 2025. Additionally a co-design workshop has been created by DHvD for the Schiphol group to facilitate the co-creative process of exploring the passenger experiences for 2025.

Service Design facilitation for Enexis

This project has been facilitated together with professor Dirk Snelders and dr. Mariëlle Meuffels from Eindhoven University of Technology department of Industrial Design.

Co-creative approaches for Open Source Software for governments

In the last eight years, De Heren van Design (DHvD) have been involved at RedNose in guiding many Open Source Software migration and implementation projects for Dutch and Belgian (semi-) governments, from municipal to ministerial level. During this period, using methodologies from Service Design & Co-Design, DHvD have developed co-creative toolkits & workshops for creating a human-centered approach to managing software migration projects for large organizations. Adopting (software) changes in an organization can be very challenging. In our change management approach, employees are co-creatively empowered for aiding in lasting organizational change when an organization is migrating to a different workflow or a different software environment.

Service Design for the Corporate Identity & Document Management system of the Dutch government

De Heren van Design have been involved for several years in the development of DocGen platform at RedNose, which has become the standard for the Dutch Government in Corporate Identity Management. Through Service Design methods, key-touchpoints have been analyzed and optimized in developing the DocGen system.

For safeguarding the Central Government Visual Identity, the Dutch Government has chosen DocGen for providing digital management solutions. Several ministries in the Netherlands have already implemented DocGen. For more information on DocGen: